9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them

9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them

Seems like every site that sells silk pillowcases seem to sell silk scrunchies, so since I have made the swap to silk pillowcases (Link), why not silk hair scrunchies too. Like my silk pillowcases, after trying silk scrunchies, I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

Sleeping on my silk pillowcases helped minimise hair tangles, prevent breakage, keep my hair hydrated and protected my hair. Silk scrunchies are not just beautiful and on trend, they have multiple benefits to our hair.

what are the health benefits of using silk scrunchies

Hair is more closely woven to our health than you may think. Hair loss, brittle or damaged hair does not look good and may cause psychological stress. After all, our physical image, hair included, has been proven to have an impact on psychological health. Hence, healthy hair, healthy mind and healthier self!

9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them
Silk scrunchie (Top), traditional hair tie (Middle), Pearl bauble hair tie (bottom). The exact order of preference in terms of usage too.

What are the benefits of using silk scrunchies

Here are a few reasons why you should use a silk scrunchie:

  • Harmless to our hair, even protects our hair
  • Reduces tangled and frizzy hair
  • Painless to wear and remove
  • Lightweight, no added stress on our scalp
  • Does not leave kinks or creases in our hair
  • Looks great as an accessory on our head and wrist
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Suitable for all hair types

I will share the specifics of these benefits below.

Do silk scrunchies damage hair

You have heard the benefits, but are there any drawbacks?

Not tying your hair is the best for its health, but that is not always practical. The next best option are silk scrunchies. They are harmless and the least damaging type of hair tie for our hair.

In fact, you can even wear a silk scrunchie to sleep.

what are the benefits of using silk scrunchies for sleeping

Getting your hair in a protective hairstyle by braiding or gathering it in a loose bun, with a silk scrunchie, when you sleep is healthier for your hair. It protects it from tangles which may lead to split ends and breakages.

How do silk scrunchies protect your hair while you sleep

My hair comes down to my waist, so I braid my hair or put it into a loose bun with a silk scrunchie, before I sleep. Getting my hair out of the way prevents me AND my husband from rolling over it in our sleep, which lets me sleep better and I lose less hair during the night.

An added perk is that silk scrunchies reduce friction and bedhead and does not leave creases or dents on the hair!

How do silk scrunchies reduce friction and bedhead

My hair braid already helps with bed head but the silk scrunchie takes it one step further. Silk is smooth and almost friction free, it does not snag, pull or tug at your hair, compared to a traditional hair elastic.

Your traditional hair elastic tends to damage the hair slightly when you put it in, wear it or remove it. The damage might seem insignificant, but over a prolonged period it can lead to hair breakage.

Why is wearing a silk scrunchie pain free

I have a very sensitive scalp, tying up my hair with traditional hair ties tends to give me a headache when it snags my hair. Pretty decorative hair baubles do not help either, the added weight of the accessories guarantees a headache in less than an hour. Silk hair scrunchies are gentler, snag free and much lighter. A low ponytail with a silk scrunchie is entirely pain free AND stylish.

9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them
I love the pearl baubles (Left) actually it looks good, but it puts so much strain on my scalp! Traditional hair ties (Right) are much lighter but still snags my hair – and it looks ugly.

Do silk scrunchies leave marks on the hair

I have removed traditional hair ties after a long day only to discover ‘dents’ on my hair. If you have your hair tied tightly daily, you will know what I am talking about.

Wearing a tight hair elastic daily is like wearing a corset, it will change the shape of your waist – in this case, your hair. If your hair is delicate and fine, the mark might not disappear even after you wash your hair! Since I have started using hair scrunchies, those pesky hair dents have gone away too.

Can silk scrunchies can be worn for all occasions

I have silk scrunchies for all occasions. Dark ones for workout sessions, light coloured ones for daily wear and funky looking ones for sleep since they look pretty but do not seem to match any of my outfits.

Simply put, silk scrunchies can be worn from day to night.

Are silk scrunchies hypoallergenic, safe to wear

Silk is hypoallergenic, silk pillowcases and garments are an ideal choice if you have sensitive skin. I form eczema very easily, wearing a hair tie on my wrist often leaves me with mild eczema. Common sense says to stop doing it, but I cannot help it! Thankfully silk scrunchies worn around the wrist does not leave me with any skin irritation.

If you wear your hair ties on your wrist when it is not in use, why not use a silk scrunchie? It is better for your skin and it looks better

Are silk scrunchies suitable for curly hair

13 hair and skin benefits of sleeping with silk pillowcase black woman

Curly hair ladies, and men, I am sure you have encountered hair snagged in hair ties when it is removed. Or hair caught in hair ties when you are putting your hair up. A larger silk scrunchie will look good and solve these troubles! It looks proportional to your hair volume and is also easier to remove.

Are silk scrunchies suitable for fine and straight hair

why should you use a silk pillowcase, is it worth it

Fine and straight hair is often more fragile and delicate, traditional hair ties either slides down or leaves a dent in the hair. Silk scrunchies are a lot more gentle, buy a smaller silk scrunchie and it’ll stay all day without leaving any creases!

Why are silk scrunchies good for your hair

Mulberry silk has unique properties, it is a protein based fibre that does not absorb moisture well, which helps hair retain moisture which is essential for healthy hair. This is why hair salons often offer protein based treatments for sleek and smooth hair.

Are silk or satin scrunchies better

Satin scrunchies or synthetic scrunchies look a lot like natural silk scrunchies. These satin scrunchies may be made out of polyester entirely or a mixture of silk and polyester. They look the same but they will not feel the same or give you the same benefits.

9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them
Silk (Left) and Satin (Right). They both look good but the satin (Right) hair scrunchie still snags my hair.

Satin scrunchies will not be as smooth or friction free as silk, so it may snag your hair and cause pain still. But, they still do look great as a wrist accessory!

9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them
My pearl and satin hair scrunchies have pretty much become wrist accessories. The traditional hair ties, well – I use them when I cannot find any thing else to tie my hair with.

Are silk scrunchies better for your hair than satin or other material

Silk scrunchies offer benefits that satin, cotton, polyester or scrunchies of other materials do not. It might not be as friendly on your wallet, but it is better for your hair.

Should I wash my silk scrunchie

I wash my silk scrunchies, and you should probably start doing so too. Silk scrunchies have a bigger surface area than traditional hair ties, this means more space for sweat, dirt, germs and bacteria to settle on to. I wash my silk scrunchies with my other like coloured silk items.

How to wash my silk scrunchie in 6 steps

It is not any different from hand washing a silk shirt (link here), silk face mask (link here) or silk pillowcase (link here). In fact, with a laundry bag, you can even machine wash your silk scruchie with cold water.

Just remember to wash your silk scruchies with like-coloured items. I usually wash them together with my silk pillowcases or silk garments, if you intend to hand wash them alone, here’s how:

  1. Fill up a small basin with a small amount cool water that is sufficient to submerge your scrunchies.
  2. Add a small amount of delicates detergent into the water and agitate.
  3. Submerge and soak your silk scrunchies for 5 mins
  4. Swish, rub lightly to get any dirt off
  5. Empty the dirty water, rinse the silk scrunchies until the water runs clear
  6. Hang dry or lay it flat to dry in a well ventilated area, away from direct sunlight

Why should we use silk scrunchies?

Silk scrunchies are the most versatile hair accessory, if you have full coarse curls, baby fine straight hair or any hair texture and style in between, it will work. I can safely say that as long as your hair can be tied up, a silk scrunchie will work. If your hair cannot be tied up, it is a nice wrist accessory too.

Are silk scrunchies worth it?

9 Benefits of silk hair scrunchies and how to wash them
My trusty silk scrunchie that I have used for more than half a year!

A silk scrunchie might seem insignificant compared to a silk pillowcase, but if you have made the switch to a silk pillowcase like I did, why not embrace silk fully and use silk scrunchies too!

My scalp is very sensitive and not using the right hair ties leads to tension headaches and migraines. So it is a change that is fully worth it for myself, try it and let me know what you think!