handheld steamer vs standing steamer for silk pillowcase

Why should you use a silk pillowcase, is it worth it

I was given a silk pillowcase by my mother in law last year, but that is not why I continued using silk pillowcases today. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase benefitted both my hair and skin; I saw improvements after using it for less than 2 months.

I have been sleeping on silk pillowcases for a year plus now, today I’m here to share why I think everyone should give it a try. But first, here’s the backstory of my hair and skin issues 1 year and a half ago, before I started sleeping on silk pillowcases.

My hair and skin issues before using a silk pillowcase

I used to have a head full of hair, in fact, I was teased in school for it. ‘Lion King’, “Hermione Granger’ were some of the names I was called. However, in my late 20s, with hormonal change, I my hair got drier, frizzier, I had split ends and eventually hair loss occurred.

why should you use a silk pillowcase, is it worth it

It wasn’t very serious, I had no bald spots, but I missed my giant fat ponytail.

But here’s the real kicker, I developed facial skin issues due to hormonal imbalance too! Pimples, spots, skin redness, rashes and the list goes on.

What made me decide to try sleeping on a silk pillowcase

I was aware of silk’s amazing properties [Link]. I loved sleeping in my silk slip, it kept me cool at night and allowed me to sleep better. Since my MIL gave me a silk pillowcase, I love all my silk pieces, so why not sleep on it?

Silk pillowcase benefits for hair

Silk is anti static, which reduces frizz. It also does not absorb moisture from our hair and scalp unlike cotton, which helps our hair to stay hydrated.

Over time, this leads to smoother and less dry hair, which is stronger, less prone to breakage and split ends. It is also more manageable!

Does sleeping on a silk pillowcase help your hair, the verdict

My hair is now less frizzy, and tangled when I wake up. It is also a lot more manageable.

I turn and toss a fair bit when I sleep, waking up with frizzy and tangled bedhead is not an uncommon sight. It does not help that I have no patience to brush out the tangles gently. All the tugging with a hairbrush resulted in split ends and hair loss.

Less than a week into sleeping on a silk pillowcase and my hair was less tangled in the morning. I was less frustrated and spent less time brushing it, which led to lesser split ends! Over the course of a year, my hair volume has improved too, likely because I no longer have to brush it aggressively in the morning.

I have kept up with the same hair routine for the past 2 years, so the results are pretty accurate!

why should you use a silk pillowcase, is it worth it
Maybe one day, my hair will be this sleek

Silk pillowcase benefits for acne and skin

Sleeping on silk pillowcases can help our skin stay hydrated by retaining moisture. Silk is also hypoallergenic, it has antibacterial and anti dust mites properties. This gives it a lower chance of harbouring germs that might irritate sensitive skin.

All these added together, gives us hydrated skin that is less prone to acne.

On top of that, silk is smoother and softer, less likely to leave imprints and marks on your face. In the long run, couple with a good skin care regime , can prevent premature skin aging.

Does sleeping on a silk pillowcase help with acne and skin, the verdict

Unlike my hair, it took a while for results to show on my face. , it took close to 3 months of sleeping on a silk pillowcase before I noticed positive changes. My skin has always been more sensitive, I kept my facial regime consistent while using the silk pillowcase daily.

Hydration and moisture

At the 3 month mark, my facial therapist noticed that my skin was more hydrated. A note though, silk does not actually hydrate the skin, it helps retain moisture in our skin. Silk fibres do not absorb water well, by sleeping on a silk pillowcase, my night cream was not ‘sapped’ by the pillowcase and was fully absorbed into my skin.

Acne and oily skin

What surprised me the most was how clear my skin was in the summer. Hot and humid nights often result in me waking up with new spots on my face. But aside from spots, the oil! Oily skin is something I’ve woken up to ever since puberty hit, and that was more than a decade ago.

This summer was really different. My skin was less oily and I rarely had and pimples develop overnight anymore!

Besides hydrated, clearer and less oily skin, I noticed something else. I was no longer waking up to odd creases on my face!

Goodbye sleep lines on skin

Before switching over to a silk pillowcase, I used to wake up to odd creases and lines on my face, especially if I woke with bad water retention. These lines and creases went away in a couple of hours, but taking public transport with creases on my face sure made an interesting sight.

It is too early to tell if sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent premature aging of our skin, but I am happy with how it prevents sleep lines and creases.

handheld steamer vs standing steamer for silk pillowcase

Do silk pillowcases really make a difference?

It has made a positive difference to both my hair and skin, although not immediate differences.

But some of you might be wondering, what about the sleep experience? After all, a silk pillowcase’s main function is for sleeping and I hate sleeping on warm pillowcases. Silk garments keeps us cool, what about silk pillowcases?

Do silk pillowcases regulate body temperature

A warm bed might sound inviting, but pillowcases that retain heat spells disaster. You do not want to wake up clammy and sweaty, or with a warm and oily face

Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture, the warmth causes us to toss and turn at night. Silk, on the other hand, wicks moisture away and keeps us cool. Silk pillowcases actually help regulate our body temperature and result in better sleep!

Is it good to sleep on silk pillowcase?

Personally, I have experienced better sleep with a silk pillowcase. On top of better hair and skin, I have noticed that I toss and turn less too. Perhaps it might be attributed to the coolness of silk and how it regulates our body temperature.

why should you use a silk pillowcase, is it worth it
Silk pillowcases to me is like yarn to this cat

Although I enjoy sleeping on a silk pillowcase, there are two things I do not enjoy though.

Disadvantages of silk pillowcases

There aren’t many disadvantageous, the downsides are the usual ones associated with silk. It is not as convenient to wash and it is pricier!


Silk should always be handwashed [Link], you can choose to machine wash [Link] your silk pillowcases, but I find that machine washing it results in the silk pillowcase coming out coarser.

Matching set is pricey

I cannot stand mismatched beddings. It makes me really happy to see the same prints on the bedsheets and pillowcases. But a full set of silk bedding is really expensive. Ever since I started using silk pillowcases, I have just settled for cohesive looking pillowcases and bedsheets instead.

why should you use a silk pillowcase, is it worth it
If I close one eye, I can pretend that my silk pillowcases match my bedsheets

Luxury piece

Silk has always been associated with indulgence and luxury. Although a full silk bedding set is not quite wallet friendly, the pillowcase alone is an affordable luxury piece. Although affordable, it is still pricier than cotton!

Is it worth it to buy a silk pillowcase

I have experienced the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, I see improvements in my skin and hair. However, I also see it as an indulgence, a form of self care and self love. It is not replacing my hair conditioners, masks or oils. Neither is it replacing anything in my skincare regime.

My silk pillowcases are a supplement to my existing skin and hair regime. It makes me feel good and gives me that happy sigh at the end of the day.

The verdict? It is worth it as a small affordable indulgence but not a necessity.